The concept sweat lodge or sauna already exists eternally,
it is connected to relaxing and cleaning.
Cleaning also in a spiritual and emotional way, oftentimes stimulated by escorted rituals.

In Christiania (Copenhagen) we usually have met after work in a wood heated commune sauna, where everybody shared his daily experiences.
Unlike there are comfortable saunas in
Holland, but it matters the quietness behaviour.
Indian sweat lodges need very big campfires in which the stones are heated up.
They a brought glowingly into a blanket covered wooden cabin in which they create a pleasant warmth.

Our saunas are little wooden houses, designed by us, built from natural wood,
and heated by a special wood stove. Much firewood isn't needed.
Fire-bricks around the stove absorb excessive thermal radiation and compensate the heat. The stove sucks his air from the outside.
The little foyer gives enough space for undressing.
The wooden door has windows and a double-glazed window gives a view to the outside.
A temperature/damp gauge and an extra battery operated light are included.

Each sauna can be adapted to the conditions and to individually wishes.
We are a well adjusted team, playing together with lots of experience,
and we like to leave only well functioning saunas and content user'
s behind us.